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HP Smart Printer App for Mac, IOS, Windows, and Android

What is HP Smart Printer App?

HP Smart App has devices to print, scan, as well as check levels. It likewise helps set up your HP printer on a Wireless network. Downloading as well as installing HP Smart Printer App is best for printer functioning. With this, you can easily send safe faxes.

HP Smart Printer App for Mac and Windows
HP Smart App

The app helps you to end up being extra productive in your work. With this, you can publish from your favored mobile apps. The application enables printing anytime to HP printers from your Android gadget. You can easily set up your HP printer on a Wireless connect with this app. In addition, if any issue with the application, you can repair it without much trouble.

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How to Download HP Smart Printer App?

The HP Smart App for HP printers plays a vital duty in printer functioning. Downloading and installing as well as mounting the application will work best for you. No matter whether your gadget is Mac or Windows, you can use this App. It comes for both Operating Systems.

Now, many of you might don’t know how to get the HP Smart Printer App. Thus, here are the general instructions for downloading HP Smart Printer App are:

  1. To start with, ON your computer device.
  2. Now, click the link that we provide in the table for the HP Smart Printer App or search for the HP smart app.
  3. Once you get the HP Smart App, ensure that it supports your Operating Systems.
  4. Click on the given option- download.
  5. The downloading process begins.
  6. Finally, wait until the HP Smart App downloading process is complete.
  7. Now, after successful downloading, the next instruction is to set it up on your computer device.

HP Smart App Setup for Windows

  1. Access Microsoft Store.
  2. Search for HP Smart App.
  3. Download it on the device.
  4. Move on to the folder where you saved the file.
  5. Then, open that file and start the installation.
  6. Continue with the procedure displayed on the wizard.
  7. Finish installing the app and open the app.
  8. Choose the option – Continue and click –Yes.
  9. Then, select – Sign in or Set up a New Printer or Skip for now option.
  10. Move on to the home screen and choose – Add Printer.
  11. Select the name of your HP printer and continue.
  12. Finish HP Smart Printer App Setup process.
  13. After that, open the App.
  14. Choose one option to print a document from your HP printer machine.

HP Smart App Setup Mac Devices

Setting up HP Smart App on your Mac computer device is a simple procedure. The standard set of instructions for HP Smart Printer App setup on Mac are:

  1. To begin with, access your Apple device.
  2. Find HP Smart App for your Mac OS or HP Smart App for your IOS.
  3. Once you find the app, download it on the Mac computer device.
  4. Go to the folder where you downloaded the raw file.
  5. After that, open the downloaded file and begin with the setup.
  6. Proceed with the setup steps given on the window.
  7. Complete installing HP Smart App and open it.
  8. Select the Continue option and then choose “Yes” to proceed.
  9. Now, select either Sign in or Skip for now or Set up a New Printer.
  10. Access the home screen and click on the option- Add Printer.
  11. Choose your printer name and proceed with the setup.
  12. Then, complete the ongoing setup process.
  13. Now, access the HP Smart App.
  14. Click on the print option to print a file from your HP printer.

Note: If you do not see your printer name in your HP Smart App, click – Set up a new printer. After that, select your preferred method to connect the App and HP printer. Finally, proceed and finish the process.

HP Smart for Windows

Type : HP Smart app
Version : -
OS : Windows 10 or later
Action : Download (251.23 MB)

HP Smart for Mac OS (Desktop)

Type : HP Smart app
Version : 13.5.0
OS : macOS 10.14 or later
Action : Download (109.6 MB)

HP Smart for IOS (Mobile)

Type : HP Smart app
Version : 9.1
OS : IOS (iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch)
Action : Download (218.3 MB)

HP Smart for Android (Mobile)

Type : HP Smart app
Version :
OS : Android 7.0 or later
Action : Download (99 MB)

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